The Groups

The Village grandfathers (Umaus) specialize in carving wooden walking sticks and spoons. They sit out under the trees by their homes to stay cool while they whittle their wares. The grandmothers (Sho Shos) have been weaving sisal baskets since they were young. Both skills have been handed down from one generation to another in the Kamba tribe. They produce products of superior craftsmanship and intricate designs all in an effort to improve the quality of life for themselves and the grandchildren they are raising.

A model bio-friendly and self-sustaining community serving orphans and grandparents who have been left behind by the “lost generation” resulting from the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the Village is designed to house 1,000 orphans and 100 elderly grandparent in 100 homes.

Although the family’s basic needs are met with Nyumbani assistance, to enhance their quality of life further, the grandparents earn extra money by selling their crafts. With these additional funds, they are able to diversify their diet, use public transportation to visit their families up country, and make investments for future sales.