Pastoral Community Development Alliance (PCDA)

Maasai women living in rural Kenya are working hard to provide an education for their children. Maasai are famous for their beadwork and the PCDA group’s products are exceptionally fine. Featuring an assortment of bracelets, earrings, rings and key fobs, your shopping can begin and end here! Driving through the country side, one can frequently see groups of women sitting under acacia trees working on their leather and bead projects. These beading techniques have been passed down from generation to generation and are a true expression of Maasai culture.

The Pastoral Community Development Alliance (PCDA) envisions a healthy and culturally united Maasai community with the capacity to ensure livelihood security and poverty alleviation for all of its members – men, women and children.

Maasai women sell traditional jewelry on the side of the road near their community. As their mobile marketplace is no more, Tuko Pamoja has teamed with these women to introduce their wares in the United States. They use the income for school fees and clothes, which is especially helpful during the drought years when the cows die (selling cattle is how they pay for tuition).