Kibera Paper

Twenty-four women meet daily to handcraft paper from shredded bank notes, and then personalize each card with an artist’s original design. It takes four people to create one card, imagine! Tuko Pamoja has suggested card ideas and the artisans at Kibera Paper have made samples which are now carried in the Kibera Paper and Tuko Pamoja inventories. In fact, the Tuko Pamoja logo of two ladies dancing is an original design created by the artist at Kibera Paper! These cards are so beautiful you will have trouble parting with them. Packs of five cards make great gifts.

To see the transformation of the poorest member of the informal settlement in Kibera, through a program of sustainable development.

Teach the women the skills that will allow them to earn an income, helping them to provide for themselves and their families.
Institute attitudinal change towards business and work in general.
Train and promote savings as a way of wealth creation and poverty reduction.
Enable them to grow in their self-esteem and to be a part of a group as equal
Facilitate harmonious relationship, through working and learning together.
Build and restore self-esteem and confidence within the community so as to take advantage of the prevailing economic environment.