lloydie Lloydie Triplett Zaiser
Founder and Executive Director of Tuko Pamoja, Lloydie coordinates the seasonal orders and the Tuko Pamoja Women’s Workshop held in Kenya each January. With a true passion for the betterment of Kenyan women caregivers for HIV+ children, Lloydie founded Tuko Pamoja to help them become self-sustaining female entrepreneurs.


bill Bill Zaiser
As a salaried staff person, for $2 a year, Bill is the backbone of our event team. From packing and loading product bins, to setting up exceptional product displays and breaking events down at the end of day, Bill is indispensible. Not to forget, as a professional Financial Consultant, he is Tuko Pamoja’s checkout guru… and he balances the books, too! Bill is one special guy!


justus-mwaka-musiaJustus Mwaka Musia
Justus has recently joined the Tuko Pamoja staff as the full-time Director of Tuko Pamoja KENYA! Welcome aboard! Unofficially, he has served Tuko Pamoja for over 5 years and now heads up the efforts to increase the inventory for the nine self-help groups and locate stores in Kenya to sell Tuko Pamoja products. This is a very important and huge responsibility but Justus is ready for the challenge!


Lucy Millicah Nguli
What a pleasure to add Lucy Nguli to the Tuko Pamoja Team!  She has been working with the women of Tuko Pamoja for over four years and they love and trust her!  Coming to this position with experience in entrepreneurship, she will focus on helping the women do their work more effectively and efficiently.  Lucy will team with Justus Mwaka Musia in every phase of Tuko Pamoja operations- quality control, new product design and order pick-up, freeing Justus to search for local venues for Tuko Pamoja product sales.  Meeting with the over 180 Tuko Pamoja women will be a strength of hers as she relates to their work and their lives.  Additionally, Lucy will keep track of the order documents and the financing involved with the program.  Helping Tuko Pamoja rise to the next level of financial record keeping will be a huge lift to the company.  Thank you, Lucy, for your willingness to share your many gifts with Tuko Pamoja and its women.